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"We Are the World..."

"We Are the World" 1985, 30" x 38" - $100,000

Featured Spotlight Painting:

“We Are The World: 1985”

“This is a Special MLilo Tao Tribute painting Livicated to the Queen of Soul Music — Anna Mae, bka. TINA TURNER & her great contribution to the entire Culture. This painting capture the spirit of the ‘We are the world’ movement to help Africa, which touched me personally as a youth in America, always loving my Homeland, the land of KUSH. I was also touched by Tina Turner when I travelled to visit family all summer in Birmingham & London, UK!! Much Love Queen forever !!!” — MLilo June ‘23

"Love 2019", MLILO#125

MLILO TAO Fine Art is inviting you to celebrate Life.


MLilo TAO, an esteemed South African/Black Foot abstract artist, is set to mesmerize art enthusiasts worldwide with his profound creations. Trained in African art, his journey has been extraordinary. From selling art since childhood to creating priceless TAO Healing works, MLilo's art emanates from his soul. His accolades include exhibits at prestigious venues, TV features, and a role in the upcoming 'Sauce Man movie. The debut exhibition, at BET Awards Week Power Radio Nation, Tina Turner Tribute, will feature MLilo's captivating collection. Collaborating with Art Clique LA, MLilo aims to showcase emerging artists. This summer, he plans exhibitions in California and solo shows in international art hubs. MLilo also engages with the community through partnerships with organizations like the Rosa Parks Project (Museum).

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